even if the wind pushes you the other way

one quality I have finally noticed about myself is how much of a hard worker I am. I put so much work into building the foundation for my future so it can incredible when I get older. I work hard on not only building my future but I work hard on friendships and relationships. I see myself going the extra mile for everyone, just so I can see the smile and happiness on and in them. I work tirelessly by picking up shifts and putting 110% into everything I am doing. I can make things happen by the things I already have. I am always asking what is next or who needs help. I am constantly having an active life. I keep myself busy to ignore the troubles. I work day and night for the troubles that I face, I can forget.  Even when I feel hopeless of an never-ending situation, I am thankful that it is happening to allow me to get stronger.

I truly believe I am a hard worker because I saw my parents work hard for things they provided my sister and I. They never complained or told us that they were facing any troubles. My parents put long hours at work to feed the family, put shoes on my feet, and anything extra that I wanted not needed. My parents always told me to work hard for what you want and if you can’t work for it then you don’t deserve it.  My parents came here with nothing but the bags on the their back. I came into this world with a roof over my head and a family that provided me with everything I needed. My motivation to achieve greater is my parents.

I know I am not the hardest worker but I know I put all my effort into everything to achieve my goal. but even if the winds pushes you the other way, keep going and never give up.



I hate that I let you destroy me. I hate that I let you take advantage of me. I hate how I let you treat me this way. You have scarred me and you made me believe that this how someone should treat you in order to demonstrate their love and affection. You treated me like an unwanted penny. 

New Year New Quarter

It is that time again to set my alarm at 7am which I am going to snooze for about 4 times before I actually have the energy to start my day. 2nd quarter of my third year and I am not ready. I know all the work is going to weigh me down and all the emotional breakdowns I have to prepare for is just overwhelming. This is nothing new but as each quarter passes, the classes seem to get more complex and challenging. Besides all the work load, I am happy I am more than half way done with my time at UCSD. I cannot stress enough how excited I am to go out and pursue my career one day. This difficult time right now will pay off later.

-cheers to the new quarter

I’d like to believe- — Randoms by a Random

I’d like to believe, There is more to the night, Than unending scenarios, Playing loud in my mind. And I’d like to believe, At the first string of light, Someone somewhere experiences, The joy of being alive, Even if I’m not that. I’d like to believe, At the depth of an abyss, Lay a […]

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Day 27: Before Adulting-

Randoms by a Random


We want the summer sun,
when the winter breeze is drifting;
We hide indoors the minute,
the sun makes its appearance.

We want to fall in love,
with the fairytale and charmings’;
We become a flight risk,
at the slightest inconvenience.

We want to have coins,
Fancy houses, latest gadgets;
We do not give up sleeping,
Get a job and start some living.

we want the best of grades,
Not credits, all distinctions;
So long it doesn’t take up,
Much time to do the reading.

We want a lot of things,
When we’re teens and life seems easy;
Too soon, we learn adulting,
is less wanting and more doing.

prompts for Day 27: Childhood (I changed it to teens, because I already did one with the theme of childhood for day 1) and then Day 28: A job. The above image is courtesy of Unconventional Collegiate.com

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